This blog started when we recycled, donated, sold, or gave away most of what we owned, squeezed the rest of our home and office in two backpacks, and started on a discovery journey. In the process we met very interesting people and the green stuff* they do, learned what works for us and what doesn’t, made small (and big) adjustments. And we are still exploring...

Who is this blog for?
  • The blog is for people who are not that happy with how things are, but are not sure how to go about changing. If you’re curious about the possibilities, we invite you to come along in a journey that started more than a decade ago when we chose to make quality of life a priority. We began by re-evaluating everything we did, how we did it, and did some changes. We call it our path to greenhood* (Yes, you do get a green badge at the end).
Whose blog is this?
L. (doing most of the writing) and F. (a trooper who’s willing to try it all)

L. is an anthropologist, blogger, editor, instructor, interpreter, researcher, translator, writer, educator, teacher, communicator, adviser... on the go.

You can read some of F. posts while traveling in this blog and his take on Africa here
What did we do?
Began doing green things* together about a decade ago and began a long-term journey in search of green wisdom and ultimate greenhood. Or something like that. You can read more about some of the reasons to get rid of everything and jump on a sailing boat and head to South America, or go to Africa and back

* Green things & stuff: read sustainability, alternatives to our current economic and social models, social justice, living in a more ecological conscious way and environmental awareness, yadda, yadda, yadda.

** Disclaimer: if you think that green stuff is only for young hippi-ish treehuggers with dreadlocks who live in eco-communities (stereotypes anyone?), think again. Although we love the young hippi-ish, etc., as middle-aged professionals, we don’t exactly fit into that category.

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