Sustainable Food

The posts came organically as we made our way through places and time and we randomly encountered people and took on projects, so, they lack a certain readable order that would make life easier for someone interested in a specific topic.

For this reason, Ive organized (somewhat) the posts related to sustainable food production and harvest.

To understand a bit better what the whole fuss is about, read:

Live in a city and think there is no place for food production there? Think again! Learn from other people who have done it:

If you want to start from the beginning, start with the soil by creating your own:

Then, pick nice seeds:

And begin to grow your own veggies in a community garden or your own space:

While were very generous people who want to make hares and little critters happy, we want to keep some part of the production for us to eat at the end of all that hard work! Say no to the pests:

Dealing with garden pests / Cómo lidiar con pestes en tu huerta

Dealing with garden pests II (birds) / Cómo lidiar con pestes II (pájaros)

But ... not all critters are your enemies! Know which ones are good for your plants and help them stay alive: the lovely pollinator bees!

If youre not up for all that work, you can always go food-gathering:

If you want to complement your diet with some fishy protein, try to be nice when doing it:

There’s finally some thoughts about the consumption of other meats as beef.

We’ll add links to related posts as we publish them. Come back to check! 

If you want us to look into a specific topic, suggest one, or contribute, please leave a comment below or contact us.

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