Friday, January 6, 2012

Upcyling: How to turn waste into wallet

After running into a Uruguayan artisan who recycles waste products and turns them into beautiful and useful objects, I had to try it myself. Being too far away to attend one of her workshops in Rocha, I looked into how to make one of the lovely wallets she created out of Tetra Pak boxes from milk and juices. Because these can be tricky to recycle in places where there are no adequate facilities, a great solution is to upcycle them.

1) I looked for a How To video (even a child can make them!):

2) Gathered the materials (an empty coffee bag) and tools (measuring tape, duck tape, scissors and stapler):

3) And 10 minutes later had my own upcycled,  colorful, waterproof wallet with triple compartments for coins, small bills, and large bills. On top of everything, it smells like coffee. Isn't that much nicer than dirty coin smell?

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