Sustainable Transport

The posts came organically as we made our way through places and time and we randomly encountered people and took on projects, so, they lack a certain readable order that would make life easier for someone interested in a specific topic.

For this reason, Ive organized (somewhat) the posts related to sustainable means of transport.

Using a car by yourself in the city is usually a pretty expensive and wasteful transport choice compared to bikes or buses, and nothing better than a few pictures to make it clear.
If you really cant imagine life without a car, perhaps consider other types of car?

Creative Alternatives

Know what can happens with your transport needs when you go on an oil diet and begin to rely on public transit. Learn about cutting edge technology for public transport in the form of pods and relying on the cutest electric carts for your short commutes.


Enjoy all the pluses when choosing to ride a bike and the the times when your commitment requires a bit more resolution. A lot more resolution!

Learn how it looks to live in a place where bikes are one of the primary means of transportation.

And learn what people and organizations are doing to promote bicycles as a valid means of transport in Latin America.

Happy Feet

You can always go back to the oldest and most reliable mean of transport, your feet, and walk and walk, even if its far and you dont know where youre going or the sole of your shoes is falling apart.

Unless, of course, theres some minor hiccup.

By Water and Wind

And if you happen to be on water, think kayaks or sailing boats. Just try to stay away of hurricanes (also here) or tie yourself safely if one finds you, learn some other safety measures, dress warmly if youre in the northern Atlantic, sail away and enjoy your time on the boat.

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