Monday, October 17, 2011

Fishing + Kayaking: Survival Skills 101

Fishing for self-consumption. After having failed miserably to catch anything edible while on the sailing boat, we wanted to learn how to fish - you know, to add protein to the veggie-diet that would eventually come from our garden-to-be. So, when we heard about the 'on kayak' twist on fishing our friend Gastón had been raving about, we decided to try it. Low key, human powered, and supposedly much more successful than throwing the line while standing on land? We're in!

Heading back after filling the kayak
with fish
Fadi's first try had a success rate of 0 fish. As with my growing-veggies attempt, it seems we would both die of starvation if we lived in a society that required more than brain and computer skills to feed yourself.

Only then do you realize how important it is to have friends like Gastón, who comes every time with a basket full of fish, and Diego, who was very lucky after only having it tried once before.
Gastón congratulating Diego after a stellar performance
It was also an excuse to reconnect with friends
and share a few laughs

If you want to give it a go, contact Gastón, who organizes everything through Pesca en Kayak. Let us know if you're luckier than us. We might want to add you to our skillful-friends list.

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