Monday, October 1, 2012

Recipes for disaster: our oil and plastic dependency

What happens when you go on an oil diet? I'm not referring to the olive or coconut variety, but the other one, the one you have to drill to find.

A guy decided to try the drilled-oil diet and film the experience. He "invited" his family (wife and two cute boys) to join in the fun. They did, a bit reluctantly, but ended up enjoying some of the changes more than the dad himself.

Getting rid of all plastics in modern life and trying to do without oil takes some planning and lots of behavioral changes. Specially if you're in Finland and you have to walk to the bus stop and then wait for the bus for a long time in below zero temperatures. The movie definitely reminded me of some of our initial struggles when we started to cut down on consumption.

I got to see the film during the 7 Dockanema -documentary festival in Maputo- this past September. In Portuguese it is titled "Receitas para o desastre" and it's a fun mix of English, Finnish and Portuguese subtitles. Couldn't help but think that for the majority of Mozambicans it would be quite a stretch to relate to the concerns of that suburban middle class European family. Yet, as development rolls over Mozambique (or at least Maputo) like a bulldozer, it'll become soon a concern here too.

More about the film here.

Or read it directly from the words of director John Webster here.

Check the trailer:

Or see the whole film in Vimeo here.

Now, what are you going to do? Do without the plastic bags at the supermarket? Buy un-packaged? Stick to the same computer / phone / whatever-plastic-encased gadget  for a few years longer than the sellers would like? Get rid of the car or switch to an alternative-powered vehicle? Take the long, slow route over a flight? Help clean a park or a beach (or two)? Check some other examples of what can be done, here and here.

Tell us what action (big or small) are you taking to stop using, or reusing, or recycling or in any other way curve your consumption of plastics and oil. We would love to hear about them, plus we're always up to adopt other changes in our lives. We might actually enjoy them.

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