Monday, December 24, 2012

Re-usable Christmas tree: re-arrange your bookcase

A tree that is books that were trees. Neat idea to spare a tree this X-mas season.

But why are we so concerned about letting trees stand where they are?

For a more sustainable X-mas, skip the tree chopping this year
Take a little look at this infographic from Earth Gauge and Vida Sustentável in Portuguese. It says:

In a year, a tree
* cools the same as 10 air con working continuously
* absorbs 2900 liters of rain water
* filters 28 kilograms of pollutants from the air.

And that's, for example, why cutting trees in cities is a very dumb idea. (Just thinking about a plan to cut lovely big trees to make way for public transit in a city I know... more on that coming soon) But I digress...

So, just use the trees that have been already cut to make newspapers or books, and for those who celebrate it, have a Happy *Sustainable* Xmas!

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