Wednesday, January 23, 2013

A disappointing transport plan: where are the bikes?

I recently read the transport plan for Uruguay up to 2030. It includes all the right buzz words -sustainability, quality of life, reducing impacts on energy and the environment, public safety-, but bicycles or nowhere to be seen (only one brief mention). Can't wrap my head around that omission.

Had it been 20 years ago, I would agreed people were not ready for bicycles (although there has always been a decent percentage of the population who uses bicycles for transport). But in the last years, there has been a burst in pro-bike groups, activists and bike-related shops. No reason for the government not to take advantage of that and provide the necessary infrastructure to promote that change.

The only hope is that the process goes the way it went in the Netherlands, and people keep on pushing the government to make bicycles an option. See how it worked there (English with subtitles in Spanish) in this 7-minute video:

Build them, and they'll come.

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