Thursday, February 27, 2014

Organic gardening: dealing with pests II

Last year it was veggies vs. rabbits. This year grapes vs. birds. After several years of the vine only giving a bunch or two of grapes (which we didn’t even bothered to pick and graciously offered to the birds from the neighborhood), this year the plant exploded. So much so, that we didn’t anticipate we would need to make space for the grape bunches. We ended up with too much fruit on the cane roof: buffet served on a plate to the birds.

Dangerous pursuits: ladders, scissors & nets

My feeble attempt at discouraging the birds from gorging on the plump grapes consisted in opening some canes so that the fruit would drop below the roof, and covering parts of the remaining fruit (most of it) with some left-over pieces of net from the fight-the-rabbit days.

A few weeks later, I’m happy to report, we’ve gathered a couple of bucket-fulls of juicy grapes. 100% organic!

Disclosure: no bird was damaged in the process of growing or harvesting the vines.

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