Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Community participation and consultation: talking to the chefes

After the initial meeting with local leaders and the workshop I wrote about the other day, it was time to meet with the different representatives of the community to inform them about the project, evaluate their interest, answer their questions and doubts, and ask for their input.

Here is how the meeting went:

Initially we were concerned about not being inclusive enough, but as it turned out, there was a fair amount of women present and the age range was also broad enough.

The report back from the team was that the meeting went well and there was enthusiasm for the project.

The discussion was conducted in Changana*, a Bantu language spoken in Southern Mozambique and one of the most common languages in Maputo together with Portuguese.

What were they saying? Not sure, but it looks like it was funny.

Representatives from VSO, the city and Cruz Vermelha Moçambique.

Where did all this take place? In the neighborhood of Chamanculo C, a part of Maputo outside of the cement city.

 Below are a couple of photos** taken around the neighborhood.


* If you want to learn some Changana, check some everyday vocabulary here.

** Photos by Elizabeth Kuttner.

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