Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Full immersion: Workshop on participatory tools for poverty relief

The workshop at the Red Cross Mozambique (Cruz Vermelha Moçambique) was to begin the process of bringing an Urban Vulnerability and Capacity Assessment tool to the Chamanculo* community. The 2-year long pilot project that will begin this year is the result of a team effort to create a program that would empower locals to strengthen their neighborhood by using existing resources in the community.

Exploring ways to apply a disaster prevention tool
for poverty reduction in an urban setting.
Recruited to translate from Portuguese to English.
With Program Support Specialist Seija Anttonen.
City representatives and representatives from the Red Cross.
Representative from local NGO,
Associação Cultural Bonga-Mbilo.

*Chamanculo is an area of Maputo to the north-west of the “cement city.”
*Photos by Elizabeth Kuttner

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