Sunday, April 7, 2013

Pickled wild mushrooms: sooo yummy!

After picking the wild mushrooms, it was time to wash them carefully. Then, boiling the mushrooms 3 times (each time changing the water) to get rid of the bitterness. And then, the pickling.

Some basic ingredients are enough (cc) OSJ
I like adding other veggies: in this case I had onions and bell peppers, carrots are also good. Some other flavors from the garden: I had rosemary and bay leaves. Peppercorns and coarse salt are good additions too.

I cut everything in thin slices and put it to boil in a pan with olive oil, vinegar and water in 3 equal parts. Just enough to cover everything. About 5 minutes and it's ready. Let it cool down.

Everything chopped and ready for the pan (cc) OSJ

After it has cooled you can store them in glass jars. In the fridge, they probably last up to a month or more. I'm guessing on that, because we always finish them before that. They're that good.

We went a couple of days later around the house and there were mushrooms everywhere: we picked enough to prepare a pot-full of mushrooms and have enough now for a few weeks.

Pot-full of wild mushrooms! (cc) OSJ

A few jars to eat and share (cc) OSJ
They're super on bread or crackers, and have tried also with a tomato salad.

Any other tip on mushroom picking, preserving or eating? Please share :)

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