Saturday, December 3, 2011

Musings on the simple, nomadic life

Scaling down in a consumerist society is not a simple, fast or in any way easy  process. I'm still trying to figure out this working-living-traveling thing and I'm feeling a bit confused. The living out of a backpack gets harder with age. Right now I just want a place of mine where I can leave my stuff. Can you believe I still have stuff?

Missing my office
The getting rid of everything was positive in one very specific way: you get to see what you really miss. So far: rice cooker, electric kettle & thermos.

Close second: yoga mat-second big computer screen-ergonomic keyboard-mouse combo. My hands + back + neck are suffering the lack of a proper office setting (hence the delay in posting).

In short, you miss what makes your everyday life easy and smooth,  food- and work-wise. I also realized most objects I owned were so irrelevant that I couldn't remember what they were even a few hours after I gave them up.

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