Monday, November 28, 2011

Kitchen Series #7 - Fresh Summer Salad Combo

There is so much you can take in terms of asado, pasta and pizza - the staple food that shows up in every gathering and outing in Uruguay.

After only a few weeks I was killing for some fresh veggies that would better suit the warm weather we were having. Also, salads is the easiest way to make sure everything is GF.

Anything corn is difficult to find in Uruguay, so, for the guacamole, I substituted the corn chips with thin GF crackers.

The main ingredient of the other salad is the palmito, or heart of palm, not very popular in Vancouver, but super common in Uruguay. Time to indulge then.

Fresh Summer Salad Combo

For the guacamole:
chop and mash:
1 avocado
1 tomato
1 spring onion
lemon, salt, chili

For the palmito salad:
1/2 can of palmitos
1 cucumber
1 tomato
mayo, herbs and olive oil

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