Saturday, November 12, 2011

Natural Uruguay: from words to action

"Uruguay Natural" is the slogan the Uruguayan Ministry of Tourism adopted a few years ago to convey the idea that one of the top attractions the country has to offer is its natural environment, the clean and wide open spaces of beaches and countryside.

Unfortunately, the waste disposal system is lacking at many levels, the doubling of the population due to tourism puts more pressure on the environment, and finally, Uruguay is not isolated and garbage that ends up in the ocean makes its way back to the shore.

As a consequence, the state of the beaches after the winter months, when there are no cleanup services, was on the disgusting side of things. Not wanting to sunbathe surrounded by plastic bags and discarded boxes and thinking of our soon-to-visit young nephews and niece, we participated in the International Coastal Cleanup Day that takes place around the world every November.

This was the result:

After just 1 hour collecting garbage in a 10 sq.m. area
"Ocean" brand cigarettes: it doesn't mean that they have to end up there!

Putting the garbage back where it belongs

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