Saturday, November 26, 2011

Women, violence, and media

Curious how sometimes they connect, the randomly drawn information dots:

Women against domestic violence (photo taken from here)

* a thousand black and purple women march in Montevideo against domestic violence and a picturesque gobbling of a president handles pro-women pamphlets

* my very bright and beautiful French-Japanese student from Vancouver working on her assignment about media's influence on wars, women, and violence (killing us softly anyone?), and

* an article in the newsletter of one of my service providers leading me through the grapevine of internet to this poem posted from a little island on the other hemisphere and across the ocean:

Advice to Horror Girl Victims

open your mouth            wide                        wider
make sure they can hear that scream

all the way             to the back             of the cinema. aim

to deafen the projectionist.

look behind you when you run                        up to the attic

or down to the basement            or whichever way

leads to snapping jaws. turn to the camera so your hair

flips             just right. pull

your dress tight             so your tits bounce.

leave a trail of potential weapons

dropped from your shaking hands.

you must always make it easy for him to follow.

later there will be a girl who will grab a weapon

and not let go.                        but this is only the third scene. you

are axe-fodder. you should not have

fucked           smoked            cursed         filled the shape of a woman.

next time only sign on if your character            has a boy’s name.

                                                 (An entry for the Mookychick blogging competition, Feminist Flash Fiction 2011)

And I get all maternal and achy for my young students when they're sad or overwhelmed because of what they have to go through or what's coming up. And yet I don't fear for the future of women because of this new generation that I get to talk to on a weekly basis and that keep me in awe of their wonderful-ness.

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