Monday, August 29, 2011

Extreme yoga: Yoga on the boat

Probando el equilibrio entre viento y olas.
Lack of exercise on the boat is a concern. At every possible opportunity we go to shore to stretch our legs. And everybody except me gets to do some rowing and swimming as well (I suck at rowing and it's too cold for me to swim). So, I've decided to incorporate "ultimate yoga" on the exercise menu of the week.

I'll be posting a "yoga pose of the week" (check more yoga on the boat here), I hope. See how that works out.

* Update: It didn't work out at all! I'm a master procrastinator when it comes to exercise, and with million activities while on the road, exercise is the first thing to 'be forgotten'. It seems I'm not the only one procrastinating. The key is to go back to it as soon as you can... and I keep trying.

** Eventually I managed to get things back in track. Apparently, the switch to make it happen is in your head.

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