Sunday, August 28, 2011

Waiting ...

Hey what's up doc?
So, Irene may not be huffing and puffing through our neighborhood after all, which is a good thing! This gives us plenty of time to attend to projects on the boat to get her fully ready for sailing. Also, lots of time to notice the little things around us.

This morning I was out on the stern munching on some toast when I noticed this little guy popping his head out of the rocks in the wharf. We've noticed it earlier, but were unsure what it was. The issue was just settled at the local laundromat - it's a beaver! But I was under the impression that they had a long flat tail. Not this guy though.

So, an update on the weather. Looks like Irene will fizzle out into a "dying tropical storm" by the time it gets to our area. The Captain reckons that we'll set sail Tuesday morning. Till then we've got work to do and lots to enjoy :)

[Update AUG 30: It turns out this may not be a beaver, but a groundhog! So the controversy continues. Let us know what you think :)]

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  1. enjoy guys!!! thanks fro the mags Lucia, i went to wreck beach today and started reading about Columbia. hugs and love to you both, enjoy your new adventure. k