Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Walking around Halifax

Halifax is an interesting place. We had lots of running around to do: getting some logistics squared away (read dealing with Fido), got my foul weather gear and we walked a bit between the North End and downtown Halifax. 

We've been having great weather out here ... apparently they've had the same kind of weather as back in Vancouver: rain and lots of it!

Lucía is already with the pirate look!

View to the left of the pirate in downtown Halifax
Indeed there were places protected by pirates and strange incarnations of kid's cartoon characters ...

So ya, day one of our trip and we're finally starting to feel it. I imagine once we're on the boat tomorrow there would be more comments to come!


  1. Why "His and Her" instead of "Her and His"?

  2. because it just rolled off of the tongue ???