Monday, February 18, 2013

A hiccup in the nomadic life

What could put a damper on a nomadic life? Probably few things would be worst than a leg on a cast.  Fun, fun, fun.

Want to play a "before and after"? Or "find the 1 main difference"?

BEFORE: hammock nap on a beautiful summer day

AFTER: forced sweaty vacation

So, here our excuse for the little 2-month gap in posting: a silly soccer game that ended up in lots of running around to clinics, hospitals, pharmacies, orthopedic rentals' shops and other fun activities. Plus cancelling of flights, contracts, bookings, and plans in general.

Obviously the universe wanted us to take a break to evaluate and ponder the meaning of life. Lots of time to do that at the moment.


  1. Ouch! We hope you get well soon.


  2. Thank you Gremlin's Hammer! Only 3 more weeks to go :)
    The leg is Fadi's, the extra work mostly fell on Lucia's shoulders. Learning to enjoy the moment. Very zen.