Sunday, March 18, 2012

The return of the beast (and how to beat it with upcycled materials)

The net-fence we had build to protect our garden from voracious rabbits worked well for a while. Our compost-fed plants were growing just fine when, one morning, we found this:

A former happy basil plant
They used to be healthy chives

        The promise of strawberries ruined

Something had to be done. Urgently.

The first thought that crossed our minds was to have a lapin aux fines herbes for dinner. After some discussion we decide to give the cute-but-hungry bunnies another chance and went for a less drastic approach: increase the level of protection.

Not wanting to purchase new materials, we looked around for things that could be upcycled into protective gear for our plants. We found two neat solutions: 5-liter bottles of water made of clear plastic, a plastic net with a broken handle that had been used to hold and carry big glass bottles, and two rusty metal rods. For humans, extremely easy to assemble and disassemble as needed. For rabbits, impossible to feed on (at least for now).

The results? Couldn't have been better.

Plastic and metal out of the landfill and into our garden for a new, useful life as rabbit-proof housing for plants.

Plants are happy as they could be, growing all green-leafy again as if nothing had happened.

Humans even happier to finally be able to enjoy the products of their labor. Rabbits and hares still have plenty of other options to eat around. A win-win-win-win situation!

Have to remember to cover the chives before the rabbits find out...

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