Thursday, March 8, 2012

The danger of a single story / El peligro de una única historia

But, ... isn’t it dangerous?

That’s about the most common first question I receive when telling people I’m going to live in Mozambique for a couple of years. A close second: And aren’t you afraid of getting sick?

Danger. Violence. Disease. 
One has to wonder why are these the first thoughts people have when hearing “Africa.” 

In this video, Nigerian writer Chimamanda Adichie does a wonderful job of exposing the process that take us to believe in a single story, and why it is so important to look beyond it.

We just completed the SKWID (Skills for Working in Development) pre-departure workshop -developed and facilitated by the Center for Intercultural Learning. There, we watched that TED Talk video again.

Not only is the consideration of multiple stories very relevant to prepare us for our upcoming journey, it also is the underlying link of the postings in this blog. During the next two years, I’ll be looking to tell the other stories of Africa: the stories of success, creativity, entrepreneurship, resourcefulness, care, richness, empowerment.

The other stories that are also Africa.

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