Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Y ... ¿qué tal Uruguay? / And ... how do you find Uruguay?

Por supuesto, la respuesta educada es "Sí, todo está bien ... es relindo". Sí, es lindo, si no prestás atención a los regalitos en las veredas, o las luchas entre los conductores en las calles truncadas. O las pesadas políticas de servicio de clientes ... pará, mentira ... ¡eso es verdad en el mundo!

Pero, ¡en serio! Es un lindo país, con buena gente y comunidades fuertes. Seguro que hay problemas pero la cosa más fundamental es que hay una comunidad de gente que en su mayoría creen en un mejor país, por su razones, pero, ta.

¿Puedes vivir acá? Sí, puedo. Todavía tengo que aprender más español uruguayo. Por suerte tengo buena familia con sus amigos que me aceptan. Sin duda, es una cosa que hace todo la diferencia para disfrutar y entender Uruguay.


Of course, the polite answer is "Yup, it's all good and great!" It is great if you ignore the little bombs on the sidewalks, or the shouting matches between the drivers in the street. Or the silly bureaucratic customer service ... wait, my bad ... that's universal!

But seriously, it's a great country and not everything is rosy. It's got it's fair share of problems like anywhere else. But there's also a great deal of the population that seems to want a better country for themselves, of course, for their own reasons. But it's something when you notice a great deal of Uruguayan expats repatriating to live in their homeland ... Things must be better, or it maybe seriously ugly where they are now!

Would I live here? Yes, I've got the hot blood to deal with the weather and the various degrees of bureaucracy you come across. Of course, I have to vastly improve my Spanish to the level of grasping subtleties of the language. But I can always fall back to the "stupid tourist" routine if all fails! I've been really lucky in having a very welcoming community of friends and family. Without a doubt, the most singularly important fact!

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