Thursday, February 16, 2012

¡Ay! ¡Qué calor!

Yes, it's been hot ... like 30°C plus, hot! Just like it was back in the Middle East. Except the dry spells end every two weeks or so with a great big thunderstorm - a lovely show of the raw awesome power of nature.

Back in Jordan, we knew that if the temperatures rose above 25°C in May, then for sure the temperatures in August would be greater than 40°C. A good reason to call August "آب الهاب" - fiery August. This usually happens ahead of the "khamasini" storms which are great big huge sand storms that rise from the "Empty Quarter," the desert of the Arabian peninsula. Temperatures will rise to these levels, and with the same affect as when it snows in Amman: everything stops. No one knows what to do, even though they've seen this before. No one dares to go out, to work ... nothing, I mean, absolutely nothing, except to crawl into some cool hole seeking relief from the heat.

Relief does come after a few days when the sand storm passes. Of course, it's great to watch from the safety of the indoors. But if it does rain, then it rains mud ... Ugggh! Just as an ugly an experience as brushing off of your car the 5 cm of snow that just fell. Except, not quite as often as every day for 4 months, and in far agreeable weather!

I'd say all this is good preparation for heading out Mozambique. Speaking of which, the plans are in motion, and we have passed - at least I think we have - the point of no return.

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