Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Composting 101: expanding and enjoying the results

When I told you it was a big compost bin I meant it!
In our last posting we say how Fadi built a compost bin from scratch. The thing is that despite it being almost a meter by a meter, we soon filled it to the top. Time for a second compost bin!

This time we recycled a huge industrial crate - about 1 x 1.5 mts. To make it compost-ready, it was enough to line the crate with mesh to avoid big-gish critters getting in, and to repurpose a corrugated iron sheet for the cover. And voilà. Not as fancy as the first, but it works.

Two beautiful compost bins working their magic.

So, while nature was working its magic on our organic waste in the first box, we started filling the second. The time we used worms for composting having a second bin to alternate also came handy.

After a couple of months we started seeing results: the most rich, delicious black soil was ready to be used. We mixed that with some of the poor soil we have around here, added some water, and we were good to go. It was time for the fun part: planting!

Home-made black gold

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