Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Upcycling: carrying food to cooking food

Just loved this example of re-purposing an object: shopping cart turned to barbeque!

A friend of ours has just moved to his new house and invited us to celebrate. In Uruguay, that means a barbecue. The problem: the house didn't have a barbecue yet. The quick solution to the traditional brick barbecue or parrilla is a medio tanque, a metal cylinder cut in half. But what he used instead, I'd never seen before.

Someone had left an old, broken shopping cart in his father's garage, and he came up with this original design:

1. Fill the front basket with wood and light the fire.

2. Cover the bottom part with some heat resistant material and collect the coals there.

3. Put the food on the middle rack and keep on bringing the coals to cook the food as needed.

That's it! A portable, practical barbecue!

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