Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Course correction

The locals in Nova Scotia describe the waters of the Northern Atlantic as "heavy", having greater effect on the boat's keel. It often gets very rough and sea sickness medicine (Gravol) is widely used among fishermen for that reason. The medicine did help me and I was able to keep my shifts and do things around the boat, but it had the opposite effect on Lucia and she got even worse. And because we believe sailing should be fun and not a torture, we've decided to jump off and continue southbound down the eastern coast by land.

We thank Jim and Michelle for sharing their boat, lives and experiences with us. We learned quite a bit and look forward to another opportunity to sail (in nicer, warmer waters probably).

You can see pictures of our time on Pilger (Fadi's cracking at lobsters, Lucia's attempt at Pilger's helm) and the shore excursions (barbeque at Nalom & Stan's place) on Jim & Michelle's blog.

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