Friday, September 30, 2011

Washington and beyond

So, we flew, walked, car-pooled, sailed, cycled, bus-ed, train-ed, hitch-hiked, metro-ed, taxi-ed, ferry-ed, electric-car-ed, rowed, and walked some more on our way south.

But eventually it was time to take a big leap and we had to fly again. To get to the airport, we had to car-pool for half an hour, take a commuter train for another hour, jump into a metro for a couple of stops, wait a shuttle bus for an hour and take the bus for another hour. Ouch! One would expect better connection to the airport in Washington D.C.

We didn't get a chance to visit the city, but it looked nice enough to include it in our future travels.

For now we continued our journey south. The good service in Avianca and the stop over in Bogotá picked our curiosity. Colombia, now definitely included in the future-trip list.

Bogotá de noche.

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