Thursday, September 8, 2011

Port La Tour & Barrington: what happens when you end up out in the boondocks

After staying in beautiful Carters Beach we took advantage of good sailing winds out on Wednesday and made way to Port La Tour. A desolate place with okayish protection from the sea. One major problem: no provisions, no library, no access to internet, no public transport.

We hitched a ride and hiked to Barrington trying to get a doctor for Lucía, who was feeling sick, only to find that there are only a few little museums and abandoned houses and the real action is actually in Barrington Passage, a town a few miles down. Want to know more about the Municipality of Barrington? 

We kept on going but were afraid it would become too late to go back to the boat (we were expecting some stronger winds and waves from Hurricaine Katia) and decided to turn back. Fortunately, we were at least able to get internet access at the Visitor Information Center in Barrington. There, a lovely lady, Diane, invited us with tea and cookies and told us stories about the area. Big yeay for the Visitor Info and Diane.

Connectivity is becoming a problem. We can't nor could we afford to be this disconnected for such an extended period of time. Hopefully this will change once we head over across the Gulf of Maine. The most likely destination will be Portland, ME and we might be sailing out on Tuesday … so yes we have to brace ourselves for another wait filled with rolling swells that don't let you have a decent night's sleep.

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