Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Port Mouton & Carters Beach

Port Mouton ... lovely place. It may have cold waters but
it has an incredibly warm community

A wonderful little spot on the the southwestern shores of Nova Scotia. Quiet waters, beautiful white sand beaches and great friendly people.

In the wee hours of our first morning there, Stan had come up in his kayak to say hello and offer us his hospitality. He and his wife, Nalom, were great hosts: they took us in for a dinner, helped us to get fresh water and gave us a ride into Liverpool to get some provisions and run errands.

It turns out that this beautiful place had fought off the fish farms. The farms had in the past killed off the local sea life, so the locals fought them and were able to get a stay of business for three years. But it looks like they may be in for another fight as the ownership of the farms has changed hands. Check out Friends of Port Mouton Bay website for more info.

Stan also educated me about the Bluenose. It's the schooner on the 10¢ and on the license plates of Nova Scotia. It was the fastest fishing schooner of her time. More info on wikipedia.

Grilling burgers or acting silly?

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  1. Lu,Fadi...estamos siguiendo paso a paso o mejor dicho milla a milla náutica el viaje...que hermosuraaaa!!!no aflojen....y lo mejor de lo mejor!!buenos vientos!!
    PD : Saludos también para el capitán y su señora!!