Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Kitchen Series #4 - Thea's Green Goodness from the Garden

Coming with fresh veggies while on board is always a challenge, specially when you end up in towns where they might only have a 7-Eleven type of store and the only veggies for sale in miles are canned tomatoes or french fries. So, we didn't have any expectations when we anchored in Port Mouton.

Yet, first thing we see when we start walking out of Carters Beach is a little stand by the road with a sign selling gigantic zucchinis and other veggies for pennies. Behind, and slightly below, was a whole garden full of the freshest veggies we could have asked for, organic to boot. The magician behind this bounty was Thea, who (we later found out) was friends with Nalom. So, when Nalom invited us all for dinner the following day, she also invited Thea to come along. She showed up with the simplest but superb soup, made all with veggies from her garden.

Thea's Green Goodness: zucchini soup with mint and herbs fresh from the garden

Disclaimer: Again, I was too late to take pictures. The soup was gone
and I had to pick a random one for illustration purposes.
Cut zucchini and boil it almost completely with oil, salt and pepper.

Towards the end, add cumin, mint, parsley, cilantro, ciboulette.

Puree all in food processor and serve with a dollop of sour cream or yogurt, or sprinkle some parmiggiano on top.

Voi la!

* Vegan
* GF
* Serves 8

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