Saturday, September 17, 2011

Walking on Sunshine

[To be read while listening to the music of this video]
What can you do in Hull? Well, given that Hull is on a long, thin peninsula surrounded by ocean there's probably more seaside per sq.meter of town than most towns in the world. And it was sunny. What to do? Walking on sunshine, of course! Saturday happened to be the Endless Summer Festival. That meant there was music and food and people walking to go with the sun and the walking. What a perfect lazy day.

 Loved Michelle's idea of drawing a sketch - sometimes a much better memento than a photo. We stopped at this restaurant for dessert and coffee. Lovely view of the marina, on the protected side of the town.

Miles and miles of white sand beaches to walk on. Open to the North Atlantic.
Have to train kids on all things boaty since they're young.

Hull is all about the sea.

Wharfs, boats, marinas, seafood, kayaks, ships, docks, lobster traps, buoys ... - the sea everywhere.

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