Monday, March 11, 2013

Activate: join forces for the Planet

Canadian activist Jeff Gibbs with friends in Madagascar
I'm passing along the invitation of Jeff Gibs, a Canadian activist, for an upcoming event. (Puedes leer sobre el evento y la invitación en español aquí).

"I have been working to launch a new organization called Global Activators. On February 15th, we implemented our inaugural program, called Spotlight Earth. It was a decentralized festival that took place across British Columbia on February 15th. There was a tremendous variety of creativity expressed at festival venues from Vancouver to Prince George, including film screenings, book readings, live music performances, drama skits, flashmobs, public art making, meditations, and guest speakers."

Activists concerned about the health of our oceans
He's now organizing a new event called Night of Planet Parties. "It's a decentralized fun-raising event that takes place across British Columbia and beyond on the night of Friday, April 5th. Scores of people in towns and cities will be coming together at their own Planet Parties to celebrate their unity in protecting the oceans and the atmosphere and how these challenges manifest themselves in national, regional, and local issues".

"Night of Planet Parties will see people organizing parties in their homes, attended by their friends and neighbours. If the local organizer wishes to be more ambitious they can join with friends to plan a larger public event at their university or community space. The type of party is up to each local organizer (dance party, dinner party, etc) as is the scale (e.g. ten friends at your home or a hundred folks at public event at your university). Each party will integrate screenings of short films, fundraising, and advocacy actions".

Kayak trip in Desolation Sound, on the Pacific
"The Planet Parties will be linked by a live webcast to help instill a sense of unity to the event. Global Activators will assist party hosts with an in-depth Organizer's Guide, videos to screen, and other resources. Local organizers will be entered into a prize draw for a guided kayak trip this summer in Desolation Sound. More information and the registration form can be found here".

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