Sunday, March 31, 2013

Yoga on the go: making space and time in your head

A mat, a laptop, internet, and
yoga on the go! (c) OSJ
As a nomad, I've found it difficult to give myself the time and space to practice yoga. I recognize it's more of an issue of not being able to keep with habits while on the road (everything changes all the time! you don't know how tomorrow will look like!) than actually finding a physical space or some free minutes.

I got inspired by my friend Julia, who always makes a priority to create the time for her Qigong. I remember her telling me how she went a nearby park to practice.

Far from any yoga class, but thanks to internet and an My Yoga Online service provider, I decided to take advantage of the lovely settings and mellow Fall weather, plopped my mat on the patio, and had a literal sun salutation yoga session.

You can see the yoga class  here:

You can check previous attempts to do yoga while on the road or, actually, on the sea.  

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