Saturday, March 30, 2013

Upcycle styrofoam into print art material

Styrofoam packaging drives me nuts. I don't know what to do with it after I used whatever it held. And sometimes I simply can't avoid it: it seems to be everywhere! So, I was happy to find this use as a block for printing.

Because it doesn't require the very sharp carving tools traditional used for block-printing, Styrofoam-printing is a perfect art project for kids (as you can see can here and here and pretty much anywhere there's a website for crafts+recycle+kids). Any round-pointed thingy would do as carving tool (I used the other side of the brushes), although if you want finer detail, you would need something thinner.

You can play with colors or materials to get different results. I changed the type of paper, but here they changed the color combination.

Most websites show foam rollers being used to spread the paint, but I imagine dabbing with a sponge would do the trick as well. I used a thick brush, and I can guess kids would have fun applying the pain with their fingers as well.

The Styrofoam printing blocks can be saved and used later to experiment with different techniques or to combine them in bigger pictures.

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